Awata Sanso – Main Dish

Salmon Roes in sudachi (citron)´s bowl deep-fried lotus root chips pasted tofu salad-spinach / mum flowers / seeds of summer cypress / enoki mushrooms persimmon salad – Japansese radish / carrot / cucumber / sesame cream grilled harvest fish dipped in miso sauce pond smelt fish – tempura – chestnut dried mullet roes / Japanese…

Awata Sanso – Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Fine Dining Experience On the last day in Kyoto – we decided to treat ourself with a fine dining experience. Our first Kaiseki dinner. The setting was at the private traditional Tea Room with a mind-blowing view of a beautiful Japanese garden. The perfect Dinner – best service – something expected in Japan, but always…

Ippodo Tea House – Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan – Ippodo Tea House. Owned by the Watanabe family for centuries. Back to 1717 they began handpicking tea.

“Hanging Gardens” by Tita Giese?

not sure, but this might be also part of the “Hanging Gardens” by Tita Giese at 5Hoefe – Five Courts in Munich… Hängende Gärten in den 5 Höfen, München.

Goethe and the poodle…

The initial appearance of the devil in the form of a dog / poodle was featured by Goethe’s in the Faust. In Faust’s study, the poodle transforms into Mephistopheles / Agent of the devil … Du bist Faust – Kunsthalle München – 5höfe – Plastik Pudel Du bist Faust

Sculpture “Umschreibung” – Infinite Staircase

Danish Artist – Ólafur Elíasson This sculpture can be found close to Munich – Theresienhoehen. Interesting about this sculpture is, that with every different perspective, it look different. Unfortunate you can not climb the stairs…

Fxxx The Backmischung

Fxxx the cake ready-mix package… @Das neue Kubischeck / The new Kubischeck, my fav cake and coffeehouse in munich  


The name of this Statue is ‚Bavaria’ – located @Theresienwiesen in Munich. Die Bavaria ist eine kolossale Bronzestatue an der Theresienwiesen / Muenchen. In Auftrag gegeben wurde sie von König Ludwig I. zwischen 1843 bis 1850.