Avata Sanso – Special dish

special dish : steamed rice in straw / conger eel – ginkgo nuts – taro´s buds https://wp.me/p9MvTe-62      

“Hanging Gardens” by Tita Giese?

not sure, but this might be also part of the “Hanging Gardens” by Tita Giese at 5Hoefe – Five Courts in Munich… Hängende Gärten in den 5 Höfen, München.

Goethe and the poodle…

The initial appearance of the devil in the form of a dog / poodle was featured by Goethe’s in the Faust. In Faust’s study, the poodle transforms into Mephistopheles / Agent of the devil … Du bist Faust – Kunsthalle München – 5höfe – Plastik Pudel Du bist Faust

Sculpture “Umschreibung” – Infinite Staircase

Danish Artist – Ólafur Elíasson This sculpture can be found close to Munich – Theresienhoehen. Interesting about this sculpture is, that with every different perspective, it look different. Unfortunate you can not climb the stairs…


The name of this Statue is ‚Bavaria’ – located @Theresienwiesen in Munich. Die Bavaria ist eine kolossale Bronzestatue an der Theresienwiesen / Muenchen. In Auftrag gegeben wurde sie von König Ludwig I. zwischen 1843 bis 1850.